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    14 Best Fromage Blanc Substitutes You Can Try!

    14 Best Fromage Blanc Substitutes You Can Try!

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    Fromage cheese or Fromage Blanc is a French cheese widely popular in all European countries. If you find yourself without Fromage Blanc, there are some fantastic substitutes available that can enhance the flavor of any dish and closely mimic the original taste.

    Some popular Fromage Blanc substitutes include Queso Fresco, goat’s cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, soft tofu, and quark. These substitutes can be used in various recipes or as standalone cheese appetizers.

    Fromage Blanc adds a mesmerizing taste to dishes like sandwiches and pasta, and is often served on cheese boards or as a side dish. However, due to its limited availability and seasonality, substitutes are sought after in many regions.

    When opting for substitutes, it’s essential to be cautious of the processing and additives used. To maintain health standards, it’s best to avoid substitutes with added preservatives or artificial agents.

    Below is a detailed look at various Fromage Blanc substitutes and how effectively they can be incorporated into dishes.

    What’s In The Post

    14 Fromage Blanc Substitutes

    Fromage Blanc is a delectable cheese, and finding an accurate substitute is crucial to maintaining the dish’s flavor profile. Let’s explore each of these substitutes and how they can be seamlessly integrated.

    1. Queso Fresco

    queso fresco

    Queso Fresco is a suitable replacement for Fromage Blanc cheese. It is a white, crumbly cheese made by curdling and pressing cow’s milk. It can also contain goat’s milk and is pressed to achieve desired consistency.

    To ensure that Queso Fresco tastes similar to Fromage Blanc, it should not be pressed but only curdled and mixed with goat’s milk. Queso Fresco has a slightly coarse and crumbly texture, unlike the smooth Fromage Blanc, making it ideal for toppings in Mexican dishes like quesadillas or tacos.

    While the flavor may align, Queso Fresco may not be as suitable for cheese boards or standalone consumption due to its texture differences. It can be shredded and used in recipes, with a half block of Queso Fresco being equivalent to a single block of Fromage Blanc.

    2. Goat’s Cheese

    goat's cheese

    Goat’s cheese serves as a comparable substitute for Fromage Blanc in various recipes, suitable for sandwiches, soups, or taco fillings. It offers a creamy texture, enriching the dish and closely resembling the flavor of Fromage Blanc.

    While creamier than Fromage Blanc, Goat’s cheese can maintain the dish’s richness. It can be used in moderation to enhance the dish’s taste and texture.

    In all recipes that call for Fromage Blanc, use a thicker consistency as it will be denser compared to the latter.

    A portion of goat’s cheese would be equivalent to a block of Fromage Blanc to impart a similar taste in various dishes.

    ### 3. Ricotta Cheese

    Ricotta cheese is a softer alternative to Fromage Blanc and can serve as a filling in many recipes that call for Fromage Blanc.

    Fromage Blanc is commonly used as a filling in enchiladas, burritos, ravioli, or crepes. In all these recipes, ricotta cheese can be used as a substitute.

    This cheese is softer, blends well with other ingredients, melts in the mouth, and is more digestible than Fromage Blanc. Ricotta cheese is also more affordable and readily available, making it a perfect substitute for substantial dishes.

    An equivalent amount of ricotta cheese to a block of Fromage Blanc would be proportionate, with ricotta being softer and smoother like a paste.

    ### 4. Cream Cheese

    Cream cheese resembles Fromage Blanc in its spreadable nature. It can be used as a filling, a spread in sandwiches, or as a topping for cheesecakes.

    The creamy texture of cream cheese makes it an ideal replacement for Fromage Blanc due to its richness. Cream cheese carries a slightly tangy flavor absent in Fromage Blanc.

    Cream cheese has double or triple the fat content of Fromage Blanc, so it should be used in moderation in recipes.

    One cup of cream cheese is equivalent to a block of sliced Fromage Blanc cheese and can be used in similar proportions to enhance flavor and texture.

    ### 5. Mascarpone

    Mascarpone cheese is a soft and silky cheese closely resembling Fromage Blanc in texture and consistency. Its creamy flavor pairs well with desserts due to its richness and fat content.

    Made from skim milk and processed with extra cream to enhance flavor, Mascarpone cheese is suitable for French cuisine recipes and desserts.

    Mascarpone can effectively replace Fromage Blanc in cheese boards as the differences between them are minimal. They can be used interchangeably in recipes without noticeable differences in flavor or appearance.

    ### 6. Sour Cream Or Yogurt

    Sour cream, being tangier than Fromage Blanc, can be used to replace it. However, the saltiness of sour cream needs to be considered while substituting.

    Adding a sweetener to sour cream can help replicate the flavor of Fromage Blanc in various recipes.

    Choose a rich sour cream to substitute Fromage Blanc, ensuring it is not diluted or watery.

    Sour cream can be used in place of Fromage Blanc in recipes such as pies, cakes, stews, and gravies.

    A cup of sour cream is roughly equivalent to half a cup of Fromage Blanc in richness and tanginess.

    ### 7. Cotija Cheese

    Cotija cheese is a Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk aged for six months, developing a salty and tangy flavor and firm texture.

    An early version of cotija cheese can serve as a suitable substitute for Fromage Blanc, especially in Mexican dishes.

    Cotija cheese, while still crumbly, has a flavor that complements Mexican recipes similar to those using Fromage Blanc.

    The quantities of cotija cheese and Fromage Blanc in recipes are comparable as both have a creamy and rich texture.

    ### 8. Cottage Cheese

    Cottage cheese, similar to ricotta cheese, can replace Fromage Blanc with caution due to its gritty and chewy texture.

    Use cottage cheese with dried fruits or as a topping with cereals, muesli, or honey.

    Though its texture differs, cottage cheese is nutritious and can be shredded to substitute a block of Fromage Blanc in various recipes.

    ### 9. Soft Tofu

    Blend soft tofu with lemon juice to replace Fromage Blanc effectively, creating a suitable substitute when prepared this way.

    Soft tofu, despite having a dominant soy flavor, can be used as a substitute in baking recipes where the flavor is less pronounced.

    One cup of blended soft tofu can replace one cup of Fromage Blanc cheese seamlessly.Quark is a type of European cheese that can be used in various dishes such as muesli, sandwiches, bread, salads, and even baked cheesecakes. It is quite similar to Fromage Blanc in terms of culinary applications but may have a slightly different taste. However, it serves as a great substitute for Fromage Blanc and is more readily available.

    Greek yogurt is a thicker alternative that can replace Fromage Blanc effectively in recipes. Adding a sweetener like honey or maple syrup can enhance its flavor, making it suitable for desserts. Greek yogurt can also be used in smoothies due to its texture and can replace grated Fromage Blanc in a 1:2 ratio.

    Curd cheese, made from boiled milk, has a sweet taste and a creamy texture similar to Fromage Blanc. It can be used in various dishes like sandwiches, salads, and desserts. A cup of curd cheese can substitute a cup of Fromage Blanc.

    Creme Fraiche, another French cheese, resembles Fromage Blanc in appearance and taste but has a higher fat content. While Fromage Blanc is best used as a topping, Creme Fraiche is suitable for cooked dishes. The two can be used interchangeably with similar ratios.

    Hung curd, though not an exact replacement, can be used in cooked dishes, smoothies, or sauces. With a thicker texture and a watery appearance, hung curd can be processed to achieve a texture close to Fromage Blanc. A cup of hung curd is equivalent to half a block of shredded Fromage Blanc in terms of flavor and quantity.

    In summary, various substitutes like goat’s cheese, cream cheese, mascarpone, sour cream, and others can be used in place of Fromage Blanc based on taste or texture preferences. When using these substitutes in recipes, adjust the quantities accordingly to match the desired flavor and consistency.

    • Review the substitutes and choose the one that fits the recipe best.
    • Gather your ingredients and use your selected substitute.
    • Use the substitute in the required amount and follow the recipe instructions to prepare the dish.


    Fromage Blanc contributes a unique flavor to recipes but is not essential and can be replaced. While the substitute may not be identical, it can still mimic the flavor and texture when used appropriately.

    Other substitutes may even enhance the taste in certain dishes. Adjust the sweetness level as needed by increasing or decreasing it.

    This article serves as a helpful guide to introduce you to various substitutes for Fromage Blanc. It explains suitable recipes and proportions to ensure the right quantity and quality in your dish.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the best substitutes for Fromage Blanc?

    Common substitutes for Fromage Blanc include Queso Fresco, goat’s cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, soft tofu, and quark.

    How is goat’s cheese the best substitute for Fromage Blanc?

    Goat’s cheese is creamier than Fromage Blanc, adding richness to dishes. It can be used moderately as it is thicker than Fromage Blanc.

    How is Quark a better replacement for Fromage Blanc?

    Quark, a European cheese, functions similarly to Fromage Blanc and is used in various recipes like muesli, sandwiches, and salads. It is also a key ingredient in baked cheesecakes.

    What is Crème Fraiche, and how does Fromage Blanc replace it?

    Crème Fraiche, a French cheese resembling Fromage Blanc, has higher fat content. Fromage Blanc undergoes a fat removal process, distinguishing it from Crème Fraiche.

    What is curd cheese, and how can it be replaced for Fromage Blanc?

    Curd cheese is the solidified top layer of boiled milk, rich in fat and sweetness, making it a suitable replacement for dishes requiring Fromage Blanc.

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