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Smoked Cherry Margarita Recipe

Smoked Cherry Margarita Recipe

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Welcome to my cherry margarita recipe! This classic cocktail is perfect for summer parties and get-togethers, and it’s refreshing, fruity, and oh-so-easy to make.

Start by rimming the glass with salt. Then, mix tequila, cherry liqueur, triple sec, and lime juice in a shaker. Shake well, pour over ice in the glass, garnish with fresh cherries, and serve promptly.

You can experiment with sour cherries and black cherries instead of sweet red cherries. If you’re unable to find Maraschino liqueur, you can substitute it with cherry juice.

Now, let’s explore one of the simplest margarita recipes. Scroll down to find the necessary ingredients and steps to create this delightful drink. Let’s begin!

What’s In The Post

What Equipment Will You Need To Make Cherry Margarita?

  • Cocktail Shaker – Use a cocktail shaker to mix ingredients and chill the drink efficiently.
  • Chopstick – Helps you remove the pits from cherries easily.
  • Muddler – Essential for mashing cherries and lime juice for added flavor.
  • Lime Juicer – Extract maximum juice from limes for a tangy kick.
  • Rolling Pin – Crush ice for a frozen Margarita, ensuring quick blending and cooling.

How Much Time Will You Need To Make Cherry Margarita?

Preparation Time Cooking Time Total Time
5 Minutes 5 Minutes

What Ingredients Will You Need To Make Cherry Margarita?

  • Tequila – An excellent quality Reposado tequila for a golden hue with fruity and spicy balances.
  • Maraschino Liqueur – Adds sweetness and balances the flavors with cherry and almond notes.
  • Lime Juice – Provides a citrusy touch to the margarita.
  • Simple Syrup – Brings sweetness and smoothness to the drink.
  • Fresh Cherries – Sweet red cherries can be substituted with tart cherries for a different flavor profile.
  • Salt – Enhances the sweet and sour notes of the margarita.
  • Ice Cubes – Used for a frozen Margarita to quickly cool and blend the cocktail.
Cherry Margarita
Image Credit – Freepik

Steps To Make Cherry Margarita

1. Start By Rimming

Take a cocktail shaker and a handful of cherries to get the pits out easily without messing up the cherries. Now, combine tequila, lime juice, and cherry liqueur in the shaker. Shake well, pour into a glass rimmed with salt and filled with ice, garnish with fresh cherries, and serve. Enjoy!

When preparing a cherry margarita, start by removing the seeds from stemmed red cherries and adding fresh lime juice. You can either use a chopstick or a knife to remove the seeds. Roll the lime under your palm before squeezing to extract more juice.

Next, mash the cherries and lime juice together to break down the fruit using a muddler or a wooden spoon. Add tequila, Maraschino liqueur, and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker with ice, then shake for 15-30 seconds.

To prepare the glass, spread salt on a plate and rub a lime slice along the rim before dipping it into the salt. Pour the cocktail into the salt-rimmed, ice-filled glass. Finally, sip and enjoy your cherry margarita, preferably in a cozy setting with good company.

Nutritional Information:

– Calories: 212 kcal
– Carbohydrates: 21 g
– Protein: 1 g
– Fat: 1 g
– Saturated Fat: 1 g
– Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 g
– Monounsaturated Fat: 1 g
– Sodium: 1 g
– Potassium: 208 mg
– Fiber: 2 g
– Sugar: 16 g
– Vitamin A: 65 iu
– Vitamin C: 14 mg
– Calcium: 20 mg
– Iron: 1 mg

Cherry margaritas have a delightful blend of tartness and sweetness with a touch of lime, making them a perfect cocktail for the summer season. This refreshing drink bursts with the flavors of ripe cherries and tangy citrus in every sip.

If you wish to create your own cherry margarita, follow the recipe outlined above. Remember to enjoy this fruity treat responsibly.

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