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    Scrumptious Turkey Club Mini Sandwiches for the Whole Family

    Our Turkey Club Mini Sandwiches have become the latest obsession in my household! Imagine the perfection of golden Hawaiian rolls brushed with a delectable butter and Parmesan mixture, filled with layers of savory turkey, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and finished with fresh tomato and lettuce. These bite-sized delights are not only incredibly tasty but also a breeze to whip up!


    Creating these scrumptious turkey and cheese mini sandwiches is both entertaining and simple! Begin by slicing a 12-pack of Hawaiian Rolls horizontally, then place the bottom half in your baking dish to start your slider assembly.

    Spread on some mayonnaise, pile on the turkey, bacon, and cheese, then give the rolls a light brush with butter on top before baking. Once the sliders have been warmed through and the cheese has melted, it’s time to garnish with crisp lettuce, onions, and ripe tomatoes before serving. The beauty of this dish is in its construction – like a giant sandwich that can be easily torn into individual servings. Effortless and fun!

    It’s tough to choose whether these sliders shine brightest as a quick family meal or as the star of a social gathering. One thing is certain, I’ll just have to keep rustling them up until I can decide!

    Top Reasons I Adore These Mini Sandwiches

    • Slider-sized club sandwich bliss – Imagine the big, towering club sandwiches you know, now in an adorable, easy-to-hold size that eliminates the mess and the need for skewers to keep everything in place.
    • Incredibly straightforward – Compiling these Turkey Club Mini Sandwiches is a breeze! Perfect for a quick family supper or for impressing your friends on game night.
    • Irresistibly tasty! – The magical combo of smoky turkey and bacon with melty cheese and creamy mayo all packed into a fluffy roll is just the start. Add a dose of fresh veggies and every bite is a symphony of deliciousness!
    • Party perfection – These sliders are always a smashing hit at any gathering, and they’re wonderfully scalable, so you can easily prepare enough to satisfy a large, ravenous crowd.

    Recipe Tips and Insights

    As promised, this Turkey Club Mini Sandwich recipe is straightforward and can be ready in just 25 minutes for a delightful family meal.

    In this section, I’ll share some tricks of the trade for putting together Turkey Club Mini Sandwiches that will guarantee mouthwatering results every time.

    Don’t forget to check out the full recipe at the end!

    Ingredients and Alternatives

    • Hawaiian rolls – These sweet and fluffy rolls are the ideal base for our sliders. If desired, opt for brioche or your preferred dinner rolls as a substitute.
    • Sliced turkey – Deli turkey slices are perfect for these sliders, and you can choose between roasted or smoked turkey according to your taste.
    • Bacon – The crispy strips of cooked bacon add a deep smoky flavor to the sliders. If you prefer, turkey bacon is a great alternative.


  • If you like, you can choose this option.
  • Colby Jack Cheese – These turkey and cheese sliders are delicious with Colby Jack cheese, though you could also use provolone or a mild cheddar to great effect.
  • Mayo – Pick your preferred brand of mayonnaise to use in this recipe.
  • Lettuce – A bed of shredded curly or green leaf lettuce provides a crunchy, fresh element to these sliders.
  • Tomatoes – Slice up some Roma tomatoes for a burst of juicy goodness.
  • Red Onion – A sweet onion can also be used if preferred.
  • Butter – This is for brushing over the top of the sliders before baking.
  • Garlic Powder, Salt, & Parmesan – These are the finishing touches for the sliders.
  • Don’t forget to check the recipe card at the end of the post for the complete list of quantities and ingredients.

    Recipe Variations

    Enjoying this recipe? If you’re looking for some creative tweaks to mix things up, here are some quick suggestions for you.

    • Ham & Cheddar Sliders – Swap the turkey for slices of ham, skip the bacon, and use cheddar instead of Colby Jack for a delightful ham and cheese take on these sliders.
    • Dairy-Free Turkey Club Sliders – Eliminate the Parmesan and brush the rolls with olive oil or a dairy-free butter alternative. Inside the buns, either omit the cheese or opt for a vegan/dairy-free cheese alternative.
    • Leftover Turkey Sliders – Put your leftover holiday turkey to delicious use by slicing or shredding it and using it as a replacement for the deli turkey in these sliders.

    Recipe Step by Step

    Here, I’ll highlight some important steps in the recipe, but remember to view the recipe card for detailed instructions on how to assemble Turkey Club Sliders.

    Slice the rolls horizontally, set the bottom half in the baking dish, and spread mayo across it. Next, layer on the cheese and turkey.

    Bacon being added on top of turkey in the sliders

    Top-down image displaying the layering of bacon atop turkey and cheese on sliders.

    Arrange the bacon on top of the turkey and cheese layers.

    Gently applying garlic butter mixture across the top of slider buns.

    Position the upper half of the rolls onto the stack. Prepare a savory butter mix with garlic powder, salt, and grated Parmesan, then brush this over the buns. Continue to bake until everything is thoroughly heated.

    Adding slices of tomato and rings of onion to the warm sliders.

    After baking, take out of the oven and lift off the upper buns. Add a layer each of tomatoes and onions.

    Evenly distribute the lettuce over the sandwiches just before serving.


    Once you’ve put the bun tops back on, simply tear or slice them apart to serve and enjoy!

    Helpful Hints for the Recipe

    1. Slice the rolls before you dish out – Pre-cutting the rolls makes it a breeze to grab and go with individual sliders.
    2. Adjust quantity as needed – Easily alter the recipe for fewer people by halving the ingredients, or multiply them to cater to a larger gathering.

    Quick Tips for Even Faster Prep

    In a rush? Here’s how you can put this recipe together in no time!

    • Opt for precooked bacon – Grab precooked bacon slices from the store as a time-saver, or you could even go for bacon bits if preferred.
    • Pick up a bag of pre-shredded lettuce – Bypass the washing and shredding and choose a bag of ready-to-use lettuce.
    • Get a head start – Assemble your sliders up to 48 hours in advance right until you need to bake. Just keep the veggies separate and refrigerate. When ready, bake, top with veggies, and voilà!

    Serving Suggestions for Turkey Club Sliders

    When it comes to sides for these protein-packed sliders, you have a plethora of American classics to choose from.

    Select one or many of these accompaniments for a complete and satisfying meal that can range from traditional to health-conscious.

    Ideas for Side Dishes

    Storing Your Leftover Turkey Club Sliders

    Lucky you if there are leftovers! They keep well and can be repurposed into another tasty meal.

    Store leftover portions in an airtight container:

    • Refrigerate for 3-4 days

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is included in a turkey club sandwich?

    A classic turkey club sandwich typically includes turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, assembled between three slices of bread and often served in quarters, secured with toothpicks.

    What exactly are sliders?

    Sliders are small sandwiches or mini burgers, perfect for snacking, appetizers, or party fare.

    How can I prevent sliders from becoming soggy?

    I suggest placing a slice of cheese first as a moisture barrier to help keep your sliders from getting damp.

    How do Hawaiian rolls differ from regular rolls?

    Hawaiian rolls are distinctive for their sweet flavor and soft texture, which makes them an ideal choice for sliders. Regular rolls tend not to be as sweet.

    Additional Simple Slider Recipes to Explore

    If this recipe was to your liking, don’t hesitate to try out more! There are plenty of other convenient recipes for those busy evenings.

    Feel free to explore my collection of effortless sandwich recipes

    Delightful Turkey Club Sliders

    Craft the perfect bite with these scrumptious sliders, layering savory turkey, crispy bacon, melted cheese and fresh vegetables between plush Hawaiian rolls. Ideal for casual dining or entertaining, these sliders are remarkably simple to put together. Whether it’s dinner with the family or a larger gathering, these sliders are sure to please any crowd with their delightful taste and charm.

    Preparation Time:

    10 minutes

    Cooking Time:

    15 minutes

    Total Time:

    25 minutes



    • Start by heating your oven to 350˚ Fahrenheit.

    • Prepare the tasty glaze by blending melted butter, garlic powder, salt, and parmesan cheese together.

    • Take the Hawaiian rolls and slice them in half along the width. Arrange the bottom halves in a baking pan.

    • Generously spread mayonnaise over the roll bottoms. Place cheese slices over the mayonnaise, then layer on the turkey and bacon. Reassemble the rolls by placing their tops back on.

    • Liberally apply the garlic parmesan mixture on top of the rolls. Tent the pan with aluminum foil and bake for 15-20 minutes, until the sliders are hot throughout and the cheese has melted to gooey perfection.

    • Once out of the oven, take the tops off the rolls again to add fresh tomato, onion, and crisp lettuce. Replace the tops one last time before serving these delightful sliders.

    Cooking Tips


    • If you’d like, you can switch out the Hawaiian rolls for your preferred brioche or soft dinner rolls.
    • Instead of turkey, try using sliced deli chicken for a change of pace.
    • You can substitute the Colby jack cheese with Provolone, cheddar, or Swiss to suit your taste.
    • For those who prefer, turkey bacon is a fine alternative.

    Storing Suggestions: Divide into portion sizes and store in a container that seals tightly in the fridge for 3-4 days.
    Adjusting the Recipe: Feel free to double the recipe for larger gatherings or cut it in half for fewer servings.

    Nutritional Details

    Per Serving: 2sliders, Calories: 489kcal

    “`Cholesterol: 90mg (30%), Sodium: 990mg (43%), Potassium: 323mg (9%), Fiber: 1g (4%), Sugar: 10g (11%), Vitamin A: 1565IU (31%), Vitamin C: 6mg (7%), Calcium: 228mg (23%), Iron: 1mg (6%)

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