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    Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe

    Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe

    I was thinking today, about the Oranges, it is having a sour and a sweet taste turning tables for the dessert so created, changing it into a wondrous taste. I thought to make a dessert from oranges but I didn’t know any recipe.

    I called my friend who runs a bakery, I asked her did you know a recipe for orange dessert. She suggested me the Mexican Orange Fudge and after that, I was surfing over the internet about the Orange Fudge Recipe, I found Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe, it was very interesting for a name for me and I made the Mexican Orange Fudge at my home and it was very delicious and tasty.

    Today, I will share the Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe with my lovely but first I would like to share the information I got from the internet about the fudge.

    Fudge-making was popular at women’s colleges. A student at Vassar College in New York claimed to have introduced it there in 1888 by selling her own 14 kg batch. The diary of another student mentions making “fudges” in 1892. An 1893 letter from another Vassar College student describes “fudges” as containing sugar, chocolate, milk, and butter, the recipe for “Fudges at Vassar” was printed in The Sun in 1895.

    Excited for the Mexican Orange Fudge recipe let’s journey to the happiness of creativity yet making us a companion. But before we jump onto the recipe, let’s check out some other desserts that you might like.

    1. Marie Biscuit Pudding– This biscuit pudding is a simple to make dessert that is a perfect choice if you are planning to make a dessert. The ingredients needed are easily available and the good thing is that it can be prepared a day ahead.

    2. Velveeta Fudge– It is a candy that has a texture of chocolate flavor. It is smooth and creamy like Barfi (Indian Sweet) or you can call it “Chocolate Barfi” also. You should definitely try it your home.

    3. Coffee Fudge– This rich chocolate fudge is ridiculously easy, using condensed milk, chocolate chips, and instant coffee. It uses only a few ingredients and takes only a few minutes to prepare.

    4. McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sauce– One of my favorite desserts that McDonald’s serves is Hot Fudge Sauce on their ice creams. That chocolate sauce is the best thing that you can have as that topping.

    What’s In The Post

    Ingredients Required for Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe

    Milk powder1 cup
    Sugar3 tbsp
    Orange juice½ cup
    Orange zest2 tsp
    Chopped almonds1 tbsp
    Hot water and orange zestTo smooth the edges and garnish respectively.

    How much time it will take?

    Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
    10 Minutes15 Minutes25 minutes

    Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe

    Orange Fudge recipe
    1. In a preheated pan add milk powder and roast it (don’t let it brown). Do it for 2-3 minutes and pace it in a plate.
    2. Now in another preheated pan add ½ cup orange juice, 1 tbsp sugar stir continuously.
    3. Add the above-roasted milk powder, 2 tbsp sugar; when the sugar is melted properly add 2 tsp orange zest.
    4. Stir thoroughly and add almonds to it. Place it in a square shape plate.
    5. Let it refrigerate for 2 hours. Serve cold.
    6. In a bowl take hot water, dip the knife blade in it, then with its help cut the so prepared fudge in smaller square pieces.

    Let a gaudy looking delight change your mouth’s taste in perfect delight. Take a reference your happiness is displayed. Exaggerate your emotions in a different way. Work to create after your experience.

    Nutritional Facts Of Mexican Orange Fudge Recipe

    Carbohydrates14 g
    Fats6 g
    Protein1 g
    Sodium0 mg
    Potassium0 mg
    Cholesterol0 mg

    How to Make Mexican Orange Fudge at Home | Video

    Video by Simple Cooking Channel

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