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    How To Make Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee At Home

    How To Make Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee At Home

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    Burger King offers luscious iced coffee with flavored syrups. Today we are making their mocha iced coffee. Mocha is commonly a blend of cappuccino and hot chocolate. The flavors infused are unmatched with any other iced coffee. Follow this quick recipe for rich and chocolaty Burger King mocha iced coffee at home.

    To make Burger King mocha iced coffee, you need the nicest coffee and whole fat milk. This results in thick and creamy iced coffee. The secret behind Burger King’s mocha-flavored iced coffee is the classic Arabic coffee beans. However, you can also use the normal coffee available. 

    Sneak in with a few dashes of chocolate syrup into the glass of iced coffee. Blend the elements and pour them into the mug. Finally, drizzle chocolate syrup and whipped cream on the top. Kick start your day by making this chilled copycat Burger King mocha iced coffee. I am sure you will not regret it.

    It takes less than 10 minutes to make refreshing iced coffee. Just a blender is needed and you are set to go! Check out the list of required equipment and ingredients. You will also find the detailed instructions to make it and its calorific information. 

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    What’s In The Post

    What Equipment Will You Need To Make Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee?

    • Blender – Use a blender to blend the coffee components perfectly.
    • Glass – Pour the iced coffee in a hurricane glass or even a regular one that you like.

    How Much Time Will You Need To Make Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee?

    Preparation Time Cooking Time Total Time
    5 Minutes 5 Minutes 10 Minutes

    What Ingredients Will You Need To Make Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee?

    For Iced Coffee

    • Milk – Add a half cup of milk to make mocha iced coffee.
    • Iced Cubes – Use ice cubes for chilled mocha iced coffee. 
    • Water – Take warm water for blending sugar and coffee. Warm water will help in smooth blending.
    • Coffee Granules – A tablespoon of Arabic coffee granules to add the taste of coffee. 
    • Sugar – Add sugar to your taste. 
    • Mocha Syrup – Mocha is typically a blend of cappuccino and hot chocolate. Add one tablespoon of mocha syrup to iced coffee.

    For Topping

    • Chocolate Syrup – Layer the inside of the glass with chocolate syrup. You can also add a teaspoon to the iced coffee mixture.  
    • Whipped Cream – Add little whipped cream on the top of your mocha iced coffee. 
    Chocolaty Burger King mocha iced coffee

    Steps To Make Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee

    1. Crush Together 

    Mix coffee and sugar in warm water. Then, add milk coffee mixture, mocha syrup, and a teaspoon of chocolate syrup. Give it a nice stir and blend until you see a smooth texture. 

    2. Beautify The Coffee

    Beautify the glass by adding chocolate syrup on the sides. Pour the mocha iced coffee into the glass. Whip up the cream and chocolate syrup on the top.

    Nutritional Information

    Calories 230 kcal
    Carbohydrates 30 g
    Fat 10 g
    Sodium 60 mg
    Sugar 28 g
    Cholesterol 20 mg

    How Will Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee Look And Taste Like?

    Burger King iced coffee is fabulous and satiates your sugar rush. The blend of mocha syrup with Arabic coffee beans is a delight. The silky smooth texture of chilled iced coffee enhances the aromatic Arabic coffee beans.

    Burger King Mocha Iced Coffee Recipe

    Burger King mocha iced coffee is delectable. It is prepared in just 10 minutes with a few ingredients. You need coffee, sugar, mocha syrup, chocolate syrup, ice cubes, and whipped cream. Blend all the components together and serve chilled mocha iced coffee.

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    Foe Iced Coffee

    • ½ cup Ice Cubes
    • ½ cup Milk
    • 1 tablespoons Water (warm)
    • 1 tablespoons Arabic Coffee
    • 1 tablespoon Sugar
    • 1 teaspoon Mocha Syrup

    For Topping

    • 1 tablespoon Chocolate Syrup
    • 1 tablespoon Whipped Cream
    • Grab a blender and add coffee mixed with sugar, milk, mocha syrup, and a few ice cubes.
    • Blend it until all the flavors are unified and you see a smooth texture.
    • Decorate the insides of your mug with chocolate syrup.
    • Pour the iced coffee. You can add more ice cubes if you wish to.
    • Top the coffee with whip cream and chocolate syrup.
    • Enjoy homemade chilled mocha iced coffee.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Does Burger King iced coffee have milk in it?

    Burger King iced coffee has milk added to it. The flavors might differ, but the milk remains constant. 

    2. Does Burger King have mocha iced coffee?

    Yes, Burger King offers mocha iced coffee along with the other flavors. 

    3. What is in Burger King Mocha iced coffee?

    Burger King adds Arabic coffee beans blended with milk, sugar, and mocha syrup. The mocha tastes like hot chocolate. 

    4. Can we make a sugar-free iced coffee?

    Yes, if you wish to skip on sugar, you can make a sugar-free mocha iced coffee. 

    Prepare this chilled and rich Burger King mocha iced coffee with our copycat recipe. Satiate your taste buds and let us how it goes in the comments section below.

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