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Easy Salt Crusted Turkey Recipe

# Easy Salt Crusted Turkey Recipe

Roasting a turkey is a Thanksgiving tradition that everyone follows. But have you ever tried a salt crusted turkey recipe? If not, then you must try it out this season for an extraordinary Thanksgiving turkey experience.

![Salt Crusted Turkey Recipe](

Before I get down to sharing the salt-crusted turkey recipe with you, let me explain what it means. A salt crust is a method of cooking an ingredient such as turkey, fish, or chicken in a mixture of salt, water, and egg. This helps to lock in the moisture and flavors while cooking.

This technique results in an extremely juicy turkey breast. If you plan on using this technique, you do not have to brine the turkey as it achieves a similar effect.

Apart from keeping the turkey tender and moist, salt crusting also keeps it warm for about 30 minutes after roasting. You can crack open the salt layer just before carving your turkey. This recipe for cooking turkey takes 30 minutes of preparation.

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## What Equipment Will You Need To Make Salt Crusted Turkey? 
– Knife – You will need a poultry knife to remove the turkey’s backbone.
– Cutting Board – A cutting board will help debone the turkey and chop vegetables.
– Skillet – A skillet will be used to roast the turkey.
– Oven – An oven or a barbecue will be needed to roast the turkey.
– Probe Thermometer – A thermometer will be used to check the turkey’s temperature for its doneness.
– Large Spoon – A large spoon will be used to crack open the salt crust.
– Pastry Brush – A pasty brush will be used to remove the excess salt. 

## How Much Time Will You Need To Make Salt Crusted Turkey?
– Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
– Total Time: 2 Hours

## What Ingredients Will You Need To Make Salt Crusted Turkey? 
– Turkey Breast – To make salt-crusted turkey, you will need one fresh turkey with skin on weighing 5 to 6 lb.
– Olive Oil – You will need two teaspoons of olive oil to rub over the turkey breast.
– Kosher Salt – You will need three pounds (about 10 cups) of coarse kosher salt, such as Diamond Crystal.
– Egg Whites – You will need six large egg whites for the salt crusting mixture.
– Water – You will need one-fourth cup plus five tablespoons of water for the mixture.
– Shallot – You will need one large shallot to add an umami flavor to the dish.The turkey needs to be prepared by removing the backbone, flattening it, and trimming excess fat and skin. Olive oil is rubbed under the skin, and then the turkey is turned skin side up. The salt crust is prepared by mixing salt, egg whites, and water until it reaches the right consistency. The turkey is then placed on a bed of the salt mixture in a skillet with shallots and herbs. The remaining salt mixture is added to cover the turkey completely. A thermometer is inserted to monitor the turkey’s temperature while roasting. After roasting, the salt crust is cracked open, excess salt is removed, and the turkey is garnished and served with gravy.

Leftover salt-crusted turkey can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days once the salt crust is removed. The nutritional information for the turkey includes details on calories, fat, protein, and more. Salt-crusted turkey has a flavorful and moist result with a crispy finish when prepared correctly.The salt crusting technique keeps the turkey meat moist and tender.

Egg whites are used in the salt crust to bind the salt and prevent it from seeping into the food, ensuring even cooking.

Kosher salt, specifically Morton or Diamond, is recommended for salt crusting.

There is no need to let the turkey rest after applying the salt crust layer; you can roast it immediately.

Give this innovative turkey roasting method a try this Thanksgiving and share your experience in the comments below.

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