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9 Best Substitutes For Poblano Pepper That You Can Try

9 Best Substitutes For Poblano Pepper That You Can Try

You are in the right place if you are looking for the best poblano pepper substitutes. We all love spicy food and are always looking for spicy and savory recipes. The spices are the most important ingredient in our cooking as they add punch to it. 

The poblano pepper is named for the state of Puebla, Mexico. It is a mild variety of chile pepper. The pepper is a favorite ingredient for many Mexican dishes and achieved worldwide popularity. You can use the poblano pepper to spice up your food while keeping it hidden. 

The best poblano pepper substitutes are Anaheim peppers, cubanelle peppers, jalapeño peppers, bell peppers, guajillo pepper, Cayenne peppers, New Mexico chiles, ancho chiles and fresno chilis.

A poblano pepper is a huge, beautiful dark green pepper whose earthy flavor has a hint of spice. With a modest amount of heat and sweetness, this pepper is perfect for roasting, eating whole, or stuffing with meat and veggies to enhance any meal.

Poblano peppers have grown in popularity due to the enormous success of Mexican recipes.  Poblano peppers have a deep, earthy flavor with a mild spice. Combine them with vegetables and meat to make exquisite dishes.

What if you don’t have this pepper and want to make a recipe that calls for poblano? We have got answers for you! In today’s article, we will give you the 9 best substitutes for poblano pepper that will work in practically any dish. You probably may have heard about poblano pepper, care to dive deeper? I promise to give you a brief about this pepper without making it too much science! 

What’s In The Post

Quick Peek: Poblano Pepper

Poblano Pepper

This section has all the information you need on poblano pepper. You will also get to understand the ingredient itself, its flavor and texture profile, uses, and nutritional information. So, let us discover poblano pepper together! 

What Is Poblano Pepper?

Known for their spicy kick, poblano peppers are a type of Mexican chili pepper. Its dark green color is reminiscent of other types of peppers. The flavor of fresh poblanos is mild, sweet, and slightly nutty. When they’re allowed to ripen until red, they get spicier.

The poblano chili pepper is a popular Mexican chili pepper. The pods are normally 4-inches long, very dark green in color, then ripen to dark red or brown. They are generally harvested when they are green for general cooking.

The peppers are quite large, heart-shaped, and have a mild flavor. Their thick skins/walls make them ideal for stuffing, as they keep their shape well in the oven. When you use them in cooking, they are roasted, peeled, and dried. 

Describing Poblano Pepper: Flavor And Texture

Poblano peppers have a rich, earthy flavor when they are green. It also gives depth to the overall garden-fresh pepperiness that is present. As they ripen to red, the flavor develops a hint of sweetness. When dried, the earthy sweetness is complemented by a wonderful smokiness.

Talking about its texture, the walls and the body completely mimics bell peppers. Because of its thick walls, you can use them for stuffing recipes. Poblanos are dark green in color, with a large stem and a narrow profile down the length of the pepper. The peppers grow around four and two inches long when fully grown. 

Uses of Poblano Peppers 

Poblano peppers have an enticing fruity flavor that adds depth of flavor and a hint of heat to a variety of meals. There is one popular Mexican dish ‘Chile Rellenos’ which is specifically made using poblanos. The peppers in this meal are packed with cheese, coated in an egg and flour mixture, and pan-fried.

Other recipes like stuffed poblano peppers you can try as well. Apart from that, Poblano peppers are mostly used in soups, chili, salsa, sauces, dressing, guacamole, relish, pesto, cornbread, cocktails, and posole. 

Poblano Pepper On The Health Radar | Looking Through The Wellness Telescope

Poblanos are low in calories and high in fiber as well as a variety of micronutrients. Moreover, Poblanos are notably high in vitamin C, a micronutrient that also functions as an antioxidant, aiding in the fight against underlying damage caused by free radicals, which may otherwise promote disease.

Compared to fresh poblanos, dried poblanos have more vitamins A and riboflavin. Poblano peppers are high in vitamin C, a water-soluble nutrient important for immune function. Inadequate vitamin C intake can increase the risk of infection.

Poblano peppers are a mild type of chili pepper that is both healthful and delicious. They contain several phytochemical substances with disease-preventing and health-promoting qualities, such as capsaicin. Last but not the least, Poblanos are gluten-free, low-sodium peppers that are ideal for gluten-sensitive and Celiac disease sufferers.

Why Do You Need A Substitute For Poblano Peppers?

I am sure this question must have come to your mind, considering the number of poblano pepper’s health benefits. While there are many reasons to use poblano pepper, there are also a few reasons why you can consider using a substitute for the same.

First and the biggest reason to use poblano pepper substitute is it’s difficult to locate in stores and supermarkets. With its much popularity in Mexico, poblano is still not widely available in other countries like China, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Therefore, finding a poblano pepper substitute becomes crucial. 

Secondly, many people want to use more spicy pepper in their food. In comparison to other peppers, poblano is mildly spicy and therefore, may not be a good recommendation for spicy dishes. 

Lastly, there are groups of people who may be allergic to poblano peppers. In that case, using a substitute for poblano peppers is a must. So, wrapping up all the reasons, this article gives you the amazing substitutes for poblano pepper. I think I have given you ample information on poblano pepper. Now, let me quickly introduce you to the best poblano pepper substitutes without further ado! 

9 Best Poblano Pepper Substitutes

This section has all the best poblano pepper substitutes. Moreover, you will also get to know how exactly you can use them as a substitute. 

1. Anaheim Peppers 

Anaheim Pepper

Anaheim can be considered the best substitute for Poblano peppers. These similar-looking peppers are more spicy in taste than poblano peppers. Using Anaheim pepper in your food always comes with the key: less is more, so it doesn’t make your dish spicy. 

These versatile Anaheim peppers can also be used in powder form to make your soups, sauces, and dishes excellent. These Peppers are textured with thick walls just like poblano pepper and a slightly spicy flavor. Use them for stuffing.

Whether it is chopped, sliced, or diced, these peppers are the best pick for your soups and stews to make them more luscious. Anaheim peppers work great as a substitute for poblano pepper with sweet and spicy flavors to balance your dishes. 

2. Cubanelle Peppers

Cubanelle Pepper

Cubanelle peppers are the quick-fix substitute for poblano peppers. If you are not a huge fan of spice then they can be your best friend at your dinner table. Cubanelle and poblano peppers come with a few flavor differences that make them separate. 

These mild Cubanelle peppers have a sweet profile and the walls of the peppers are not as thick as the other pepper variety. Cubanelle is not only good for your stuffing recipes but you can also use them as seasoning powder.

Since these peppers cannot add the same flavors as poblano peppers, you need to use other spices as well to balance your dish. The best part about these tiny peppers is you do not need to cook them for so long to add the taste to your dish like poblano peppers.

3. Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno Pepper

The king peppers of Mexican cuisine can also be the best substitute for Poblano peppers. Jalapeno peppers are spicier than poblano peppers but they are very similar to them. Jalapeno peppers look like chili peppers but they are still perfect for the stuffing recipes. 

Though Poblano peppers are spicy but still when it comes to adding heat to a dish nothing can beat Jalapeno peppers. Jalapeno peppers are the best ingredient to make salsas, salads, or any sauces. You can cut down the heat of Jalapeno pepper by removing the ribs and pits from it.

A poblano pepper has a distinctly earthy flavor, whereas a jalapeno pepper has a more grassy flavor. This chili peppers are fit well for salad topping as well as salsas.

4. Bell Peppers

Bell Pepper

The best option to serve as Poblano peppers is Bell peppers. Bell peppers are so close to Poblano peppers in appearance and flavor. These rich flavored Bell peppers are less sweeter than colored Bell peppers.

Bell peppers also have a thick textured wall similar to Poblanos. These bell peppers are undoubtedly a perfect substitute for poblanos in stuffing recipes. As we know these bell peppers are milder in taste so they can not add spiciness to your dish like Poblanos.

Even if you don’t use poblanos, you can still make your dish tasty with bell peppers by Just adding a little chili powder or other spices. A perfect backup for poblanos is already lying around You can make all your main course and salad dishes delightful.

5. Guajillo Peppers

Guajillo Pepper

Guajillo peppers, like poblano peppers, are very unique to Mexican cuisine and have grown in popularity over the years. They have smooth, dark red skin and a rich flavor, making them highly suitable for preparing sauces and salsas. 

They will elevate any baked dish or stir fry with their intensely vivid flavor. Guajillo peppers are most usually encountered in dry, powdered, or paste form. So, if you just require a bit in your recipes, check your pantry for these Guajillo variations. 

Guajillo peppers are as spicy as jalapenos, making them hotter than poblanos. They may make a good substitute for poblanos as long as the amount of spiciness is reduced.

6. Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne peppers are hot peppers that originated in Central and South America. They have an identical flavor to poblanos, making them a great flavor-alternative for poblano peppers. Cayenne peppers are hotter than poblanos, so use less of them when substituting.

Cayenne pepper is quite popular and usually on your spice rack. Because most the kitchen uses it as a dry powder for a perfect spicy kick to a dish. Cayenne peppers also some health benefits including aiding digestion, relieving pain, lowering hunger, and speeding up metabolism. 

Keep a ratio of 1:1 for substituting cayenne peppers for poblanos to recreate the spiciness. Cayenne peppers are an excellent alternative for poblano peppers in various recipes. 

A pinch of this spice lends a sweet-spicy kick to a pot of beans, enchilada sauce, fried chicken, or even mac and cheese. It’s also great in egg dishes and dry rubs for meat and fish.

7. New Mexico Chiles

New Mexico Chiles

New Mexico chilies are an excellent substitute for poblano peppers. Using New Mexico Chilies in place of poblanos produces an identical flavor. New Mexico red chilis have a similar spiciness to poblanos and a mixture of grassy and slightly sweet flavors with an earthy undertone.

If you choose New Mexico Chiles for substituting poblano peppers, you don’t have to worry about these peppers providing too much heat. But you should expect and mentally prepare for a distinct flavor profile.

This pepper is mostly used in red sauces, savory baked goods, soups, stews, sauces, and stir-fries. New Mexico chiles are typically cooked for 5-10 minutes in a frying pan, but they can also be used directly in a recipe once prepared.

8. Ancho Chiles

Ancho Chiles

Ancho chiles are another best alternative for poblano peppers. This sweet and spicy pepper is simply a dried poblano and is an excellent substitute for diced poblano peppers. 

Ancho chiles and poblano peppers have widely different flavor profiles. Ancho chiles have a smokier and grassier flavor than fresh pepper substitutes because they are dried. Furthermore, Ancho chilies are significantly more mild in terms of heat. They will have a huge impact on the flavor of your recipe. As a result, reduce the amount indicated in the recipe to account for the extra flavor.

Ancho chilies are simply dried poblanos that can be substituted for chopped poblano peppers if needed. These chilies are usually used in Mexican and southeastern cuisine. Incorporate them in sauces, blend them with other spices, stews, and soups, and sprinkle them on meat, poultry, or seafood. An important note: Use them after soaking them in the water for 10 minutes and then grind for perfect flavor.  

9. Fresno Chilis

Fresno Chiles

Fresno chilis have a softer, sweeter flavor than poblanos. These smaller peppers are just slightly less spicy than poblanos. If you’re going to use Fresno chili as a substitute, try four or five for each poblano. The thicker rind will lend the dish additional texture. It has a fruitier, smokier flavor than a jalapeno. 

Fresno peppers resemble jalapenos so much that they are often confused with each other. These are two to three inches long, gently curved, and taper to a tip.

These chilis are great raw, so try them in salsas or on their own. They cannot be used in stuffed recipes since they are so little. But you can use them in various other recipes. They’re great in salsas, fiery sauces, and ceviche, and they stuff well as well. Pickled Fresno chilies are popular and chopping them fresh into rings for sandwiches and burgers is a great option.

Short Recap For Best Poblano Pepper Substitutes

I am sure you must have gone through all the best poblano substitutes by now. However, are you still confused about which substitute would work best in your recipe? For that, I have broken it down further. Have a look!

Best Poblano Pepper Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor-

  1. Ancho Chile
  2. Bell Pepper

Best Poblano Pepper Substitutes Which Are Most Suitable-

  1. Anaheim Pepper

Best Poblano Substitutes Which Are Easily Available-

  1. Jalapeno Peppers
  2. New Mexico Chilies

Final Word

As we have reached the end of this article, I hope it has helped you find the best substitute for poblano pepper. While all these substitutes can be used in cooking, you can alternatively use most of them as stuffing recipes.

Poblano peppers add a distinct flavor to a variety of meals. Consider your preferences and which one best serves your recipe when selecting a poblano pepper alternative. Once you’ve made your decision, you can duplicate any dish you desire. So, next time you are out of poblano peppers, give one of these substitutes a try! I am sure you will end up cooking some wonderful spicy dishes. 

How To Use Poblano Pepper Substitutes In A Recipe

Poblano Pepper Substitutes

Looking for the best poblano pepper substitutes, aren’t you? Let me help you with that. The best poblano pepper substitutes are Anaheim peppers, cubanelle peppers, jalapeño peppers, bell peppers, guajillo pepper, Cayenne peppers, New Mexico chiles, ancho chiles and fresno chilis.

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  • Anaheim Peppers
  • Cubanelle Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Guajillo Peppers
  • Cayenne Peppers
  • New Mexico Chiles
  • Ancho Chiles
  • Fresno Chilis
  • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
  • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
  • Use the substitute in the required amount and proceed to make the dish according to the recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is poblano pepper very hot?

Poblano pepper is a mild variety of chile pepper. Although, the hotness of the poblano pepper depends upon the capsaicin. 

Can I substitute poblano for jalapeno?

Yes, you can definitely swap poblano for jalapeno because they are good for stuffing recipes.

Are poblano peppers the same as bell peppers?

Poblano peppers are mild and spicy in taste. They are also larger than bell peppers and have a pointy tip. 

How do you use poblano peppers?

There are various ways to use poblano peppers. Use poblano peppers in dressing, pesto, stuffed recipes, cornbread, and cocktails.


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