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50 Keto Breakfast Ideas | Easy to Make Recipe

50 Keto Breakfast Ideas | Easy to Make Recipe

Are you looking around for Keto breakfast ideas and confused about what to try? Trust me, you have come right to the right place. We will help you with all the Keto breakfast ideas and the nitty-gritty of the keto diet. Let this article be your guide. 

Keto comes from the word Ketogenic which means a low-carb diet. Prepare some of the best and most delicious keto breakfast recipes ideas at home. You can prepare all your favorite keto breakfast meals in no time.

Endeavor the healthy keto recipes with variations, and an assortment of your favorite toppings. Don’t panic, I will surely help you with the process of preparing keto breakfast recipes at home. Keep reading the full article to know more. 

This article is full of important information if you are soon planning to go on a keto diet. Refer to this piece of information before you take a step forward. 

What’s In The Post

Nutritious Keto Recipe Ideas For You 

I am conjuring up a list of nutritious keto recipes. The list is full of gorgeous, colorful, and flavorful dishes. You will find some keto egg sandwiches, benedicts, avocado toast, breakfast muffins, and some refreshing beverages. 

The beverages and smoothies are rich and full of succulent flavors. You can make the smoothies and beverages ahead of time and just grab a cup while rushing to work. 

To make things easy for you, I have added a list of 50 keto breakfast ideas. Some of the best and easy keto breakfast recipes are:

  • Crustless Spinach Quiche
  • Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich 
  • Keto Oatmeal 
  • Keto Eggs Benedict
  • Cauliflower Bread With Crispy Bacon, Poached Eggs, And Avocado 
  • Collagen Keto Bread

Behold your quest for some more perfect breakfast recipe ideas. Until then, check out some important facts about the keto diet. 

Homemade 50 keto breakfast recipe ideas

What Is Keto Diet? What Can You Eat If You Are On Keto Diet?

Keto is a diet with low carbs, high fat, and adequate protein. It is one of the mainstream dietary therapies people follow to improve their eating habits. 

A regular ketogenic diet includes meat, seafood, avocados, nuts, leafy green vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, and nuts. The keto-friendly recipes like avocado toast, collagen bread, and almond flour pancakes are a must-try. 

To make your life easy, we have added some best Keto-friendly recipes in this article. Try some mouthwatering keto breakfast ideas with our article. Keep reading the complete article to know the core details. 

Apart from this, the food you should avoid during the keto diet is beer, soda, sugar, legumes, juice, and various forms of sugar. So, without any further ado dive in to know the keto breakfast recipes. 

1. Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins

keto Chocolate chip muffins

The low-carb chocolate chip banana bread muffins are keto-friendly baked muffins for breakfast. These delicious muffins are dairy-free and nut-free. For sweetness, you can add any natural sweetener of your choice. 

Making these chocolate chip muffins is easy. All you have to do is gather the elements and follow the instructions. You need monk fruit sweetener, whipping cream, banana extract, baking soda, tartar, butter, coconut flour, choco chips, and cream cheese. 

These muffins are free from nuts and are safe to consume. I have added the link for the complete recipe. Refer to the link to prepare the chocolate chip muffins. 

2. Fluffy Almond Flour Pancakes

Sugar free syrup drizzled on pancakes

A warm and hearty keto breakfast recipe gratifies the soul. I will share another keto breakfast recipe with fluffy almond flour pancakes. It is highly recommended to add this recipe to your lazy keto breakfast list. Let the flavors hit the spot. 

This almond flour pancake is filled with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. You need to merge all the elements in a bowl, make a thick batter, and spoon out the batter to cook. 

The fluffy almond flour pancakes will be ready. Try these ketogenic fluffy pancakes at home with the full recipe. Just click to find the detailed recipe right here!

3. Collagen Keto Bread

Collagen Keto Bread with your favorite toppings

The idea od having a collagen keto bread is jam-packed with zero-carb nutrients is just healthy and awesome. It is healthy, nutritious, and the best option for a keto diet. Collagen keto bread also helps in the reduction of inflammation. So, grab your apron and get ready to prepare the collagen bread. 

Beat the eggs until the stiff peaks are formed, merge them with dry rubs, and mix them until they are incorporated nicely. Pour the batter onto the baking tray. Bake the cake for an hour until it is fluffy and soft. 

There are endless possibilities to pair the collagen keto bread with your favorite toppings. You can top it up with avocado, poached eggs, or bacon. The choice is yours! Refer to the recipe article with just one click. 

4. Keto Bagels

Soft and tasty keto bagels

Deliciously doughy and aromatic keto bagels are prepared with miraculous fluffy dough is an eazy keto breakfast idea. Almond four is the key element used to prepare the keto bagels. Start your daily ritual with a toasted bagel topped with rich cream cheese and a cup of coffee. 

For achieving a puffy and soft texture of the bagels, add a pinch of baking powder. Mix mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, almond flour, baking powder, and egg. Combine all the elements and knead the dough steadily. 

Shape the dough into round bagels and place them on a baking tray. Bake the bagels at 375 degrees F for 30 minutes. Warm keto bagels will be ready. Smear cream cheese on top of bagels. Wish to know the full recipe? It’s right here!

5. Cauliflower Bread With Crispy Bacon, Poached Eggs, And Avocado

Cauliflower bread with poached eggs and avocado

Cauliflower bread with crispy bacon, poached eggs, and avocado is a delightful breakfast. This keto breakfast cauliflower bread is loaded with rich toppings. Besides adding more veggies, making this cauliflower bread is a piece of cake. 

Prepare the cauliflower bread by mixing grated coconut flour, salt, eggs, psyllium, and garlic powder. Merge everything evenly. Spoon out the mixture in a rectangle shape onto the baking sheet. Place them in the oven to bake for 20 minutes. 

Top it up with bacon, avocado, and some poached eggs. Serve to enjoy. If you wish to make some tweaks to the recipe, just change the toppings to whatever you like. Click to know more.

 6. Keto Eggs Benedict

Delicious keto egg benedict.

Ditch the English muffins and get low-carb bread for making keto eggs benedict. The benedict is a great choice for busy breakfast mornings when you don’t wish to cook. The Keto version of egg benedict is easy to put together. Let’s try. 

Take any low-carb bread, toast it, and embellish it with your favorites. Top the low-carb bread with poached eggs and a pile of bacon or ham, and finish off the benedict with rich hollandaise sauce and sliced chives. 

Serve the benedict and enjoy. Follow the impressive list of equipment, ingredients, and recipe with just one click!

7. Bulletproof Breakfast: Buddha Bowl

Homemade Bulletproof Breakfast: Buddha Bowl

Breakfast food choices affect how you feel all day. A bulletproof keto breakfast buddha bowl is an energy booster bowl. The breakfast bowl is delicious, loaded with veggies, protein, and fat. One of the great options for a happy gut is the buddha bowl. 

You need pastured eggs, cooled paleo sausages, cauliflower rice, avocado, cucumber, leafy greens, and fresh herbs. Cook the cauliflower rice, and sausages, and chop the veggies. Assemble the bowl by placing all the elements step by step. 

Sprinkle some rich herbs and spices on the top, and it will be ready to serve. Enjoy the buddha bowl full of fiber and micronutrients. Know the entire recipe with the details by clicking here. 

8. Keto Bacon Zucchini Breakfast Hash

Keto bacon zucchini hash at home

Another rich keto delicacy is Keto bacon zucchini breakfast hash. Compared to a regular hash, keto bacon zucchini hash is a spin-off recipe. The zucchini flavor in the breakfast hash is delicious and stands out.

The zucchini hash is full-filling and satiating with crispy bacon and savory fried onions. First, blanch onions, zucchini, and bacon. Then, place a poached egg or avocado. Garnish the breakfast hash with freshly chopped parsley. 

The keto bacon zucchini breakfast hash will be ready to serve. The notable list of required elements with detailed recipes will be helpful. Click here. It will direct you to the recipe article. 

9. Keto Pancake Cereal

Delightful keto pancakes

Keto pancake cereal is an adorable and easy keto breakfast idea. You can prepare the keto pancake cereal recipe with low-carb almond flour. The other elements are also deliciously amazing. On top of that, this pancake cereal recipe is super fun to make in your kitchen. 

Combine all the elements, including almond flour, baking powder, powdered erythritol, eggs, salt, and coconut oil. Transfer the pancake batter to the skillet greased with oil. Cook the pancakes until they are brown and cooked. 

Top it up with your favorite toppings and a splash of sugar-free syrup. Enjoy the mini keto pancake cereal at your comfort home. Seek out the full recipe by clicking!

10. Fluffy Keto Pancakes With Ricotta And Pecans 

Homemade pancakes with ricotta pecans

Fluffy keto pancakes with ricotta and pecans are a wonderful and satisfying keto breakfast meal. Start your day with amazing pancakes that are a perfect ketogenic breakfast. Make them at home in a snap. 

To achieve the best results, we used oat fiber. You can also mix psyllium husk and coconut flour for the batter mix. So, prepare the batter by adding almond flour, oat fiber, heavy cream, eggs, baking powder, and Swerve vanilla cake mix. Whisk the batter to form soft and fluffy pancakes. 

Pour the batter onto the griddle greased with oil. Once the pancakes are cooked, add your favorite toppings and serve to enjoy. Click to know more.

11. Extra Crisp Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal 

Toast crunch cereals in a bowl

Are you looking for a low-carb keto cereal treat? The extra-crisp cinnamon toast crunch cereal is the best choice. This toast crunch cereal is sugar-free, gluten-free, and high in protein. Get ready to prepare these healthy keto breakfast recipes.

While you are on a keto diet, giving up on cereals becomes difficult. But I have got some incredible keto cereal recipes for you. The aim is to create some keto-friendly options for all your craving. 

The recipe for making extra-crisp cinnamon toast crunch cereal is a child’s play. Put together the crispy cinnamon toast with some keto-friendly elements. With just one click, it will direct you to the full recipe. 

12. Chocolate Coconut Keto Smoothie Bowl

Homemade chocolate smoothie

The breakfast chocolate coconut keto smoothie bowl is creamy, delicious, and chocolatey. This smoothie is jam-packed with healthy fat and protein. The bowl of coconut keto smoothie will satiate your appetite and yearnings. 

Make this gratifying bowl of smoothies in just 10 minutes. Blend coconut milk, unsweetened raw cacao powder, coconut stevia, and ice. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour the blended mixture into a bowl and top it up with no-carb strawberries, coconut flakes, or edible flowers.

Wish to know some tips and tricks to make a chocolate coconut keto smoothie bowl? Click for the full recipe. 

13. Turmeric Keto Smoothie 

Nutritious and rich turmeric keto smoothie

Have you ever tried any recipe and got addicted to it instantly? This turmeric keto smoothie instantly got me addicted to its recipe. Debunk the myth that turmeric smoothies are not flavorful. This turmeric keto smoothie is filled with delectable flavors that will leave you drooling. 

Blend coconut milk, almond milk, granulated sweetener (stevia), turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, and chia seeds to garnish. Once all the elements are blended, pour your smoothie into the glass. Garnish it with chia seeds or any other seeds of your choice. 

The turmeric keto smoothie will be ready with just a blend. Serve with your favorite toppings, and enjoy! Make this turmeric smoothie at home with just one click. 

14. Keto Iced Coffee Protein Shake

Protein shake garnished with a pinch of cinnamon

Treat your taste buds with a keto-iced coffee protein shake during breakfast. If you like to sip up the cold brew, this shake is the best option. It is packed with protein, quality fats, and fiber. 

The key to making a protein shake flavorful is the brewed coffee cubes and avocado cubes. Immerse cold coffee cubes, avocado cubes, coconut milk, vanilla collagen protein, and other elements in a blender. 

Once the protein shake is ready, pour it into a serving glass, and garnish it with a pinch of cinnamon. Enjoy this quick and easy breakfast keto protein shake. Refer to the link for the full recipe. 

15. Bulletproof Coffee

Wonderful bulletproof coffee in a cup

Bulletproof coffee is thick, creamy, rich, and flavorful coffee filled with healthy nutrients. When prepared with healthy nutrients, the bulletproof coffee tastes ambrosial. If you wish to prepare this coffee at your comfort home, peep into the details.  

In keto communities, this bulletproof coffee helps in weight loss. The key ingredients for this bulletproof coffee are coffee, hot and brewed, ghee, MCT oil, pink salt, and ground cinnamon. Blend all the elements and make this morning fuel instantly. 

Blending recipes are a child’s play that can be prepared in no time. Get your hands on bulletproof coffee that is bullet free. Tap here to see the full keto breakfast recipe. 

16. Keto Iced Matcha Latte 

Green keto Keto Iced Matcha Latte

The cool and creamy keto iced matcha latte is a flavorful beverage. If you follow the ketogenic diet, then matcha latte is a perfect choice. 

Making a good Matcha tea latte is a great quality Matcha powder—a high-quality Matcha powder results in good texture and perfect flavors. Take a few minutes from your busy schedule and prepare an amazing iced Matcha latte. 

This iced Matcha latte also just needs a blend, and it will be ready. Easy and quick keto iced Matcha latte leaves no stones unturned for you. Check out the full recipe with a click here. 

17. Bulletproof Coffee Egg Latte

Homemade bulletproof coffee

Enrich your keto breakfast beverages with a nutritious and delicious bulletproof coffee egg latte. Generally, egg coffee is a Vietnamese drink prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and coffee. 

The bulletproof coffee egg latte is a keto-friendly twist on traditional Vietnamese coffee. The coffee egg latte is enticing. For making the egg latte add butter, oil, and egg to your blender. Pour a tablespoon of coffee and blend evenly. 

When the coffee egg latte is prepared, pour the coffee into a serving glass. Garnish it with a pinch of cinnamon and serve to enjoy a keto-friendly coffee. The complete recipe is right here. 

18. Crustless Spinach Quiche

Crustless spinach quiche is a French dish. If you wish to make a keto-version, let me tell you, it skips on the crust. The low-carb quiche is equally delightful as broccoli quiche: heavenly and flavorful. 

The spinach quiche makes a perfect breakfast. Apart from looking amazingly great, this crustless spinach quiche is more than a low-carb dish. To get this quiche done right, saute the veggies until cooked.

Then, prepare a mixture of eggs, heavy cream, shredded mozzarella cheese, and sautéed veggies. Whisk the mixture and pour everything into the pie pan. Bake the quiche for 25 minutes, and you are good to go. Seek out the details for the right measurements. 

19. Keto Egg Casserole Bake 

Keto egg casserole bake is a super fun and simple keto breakfast recipe idea. It is prepared with spinach, zucchini, ham, cheddar, tomatoes, and goat cheese. When you prepare the keto egg casserole bake, customize it as per your taste. 

You just have to whisk the eggs and cream together to make a perfect casserole bake. Stir in some spinach, zucchini, chopped ham, and cheddar cheese in the bowl. Mix all the elements. Season it with salt and pepper. 

Pour the mixture into a casserole dish, and top it with some tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and goat cheese. Cover it with foil and place it in the oven to bake for 35 minutes. The keto egg casserole will be ready. Refer to the recipe with one click!

20. Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich 

Homemade Chaffle sandwich

Keto chaffle breakfast sandwich is a classic keto version of a breakfast sandwich. Low-in carbs, the keto chaffle sandwich is made with bacon, cheesy chaffles, and eggs. Try this quick and easy sandwich for breakfast now!

Blend egg and cheddar cheese until the batter is smooth. Pour the mix into the waffle maker. Meanwhile, cook the bacon until it is crispy, and prepare a poached egg. Assemble the chaffle sandwich with bacon, poached egg, and a slice of American cheese. 

Season the sandwich with salt and pepper, and enjoy your breakfast. If you wish to know more details, click to know the full recipe. 

21. Keto Oatmeal 

Are you looking around for some low-carb keto breakfast recipes? Well, you are at the right place. The keto oatmeal is a comforting bowl of goodness. This satisfying oatmeal is prepared with just a few ingredients. Let’s know what they are. 

A filling bowl of keto oatmeal needs flaxseeds, coconut flour, chia seeds, almond milk, maple syrup, vanilla essence, and heavy cream. Immerse the elements in a saucepan until it is thickened. 

Once it is ready, pour the oatmeal into a bowl with your favorite toppings. You can drizzle a teaspoon of sugar-free maple syrup on the top. Refer to the full recipe here and let us know your cooking experience. 

22. Keto Blueberry Muffin 

Keto blueberry muffins are super healthy and quick to make right in your kitchen. The keto muffins are soft, buttery, and irresistible. Perfectly healthy blueberry muffins are decadent and will surely hit the spot. 

Combine almond flour, Swerve, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Then, whisk in melted butter, almond milk, eggs, and vanilla until the texture is soft. Further, fold the blueberries and lemon zest. 

Add it to the mixture and scoop equal amounts of batter into the cupcake tin. Bake the muffins for 25 minutes until they are cooked through. Click on the link to follow the complete recipe.

23. Keto Hard-Boiled Egg Breakfast Bites 

Keto hard-boiled egg breakfast bites are succulent and flavorsome. These easy breakfast bites are a must-try prepared with cheese, boiled egg, and seasoning. Make these mini egg bites in your kitchen. 

Boil the eggs, cook the bacon, and assemble the egg bites. First, slice the cheese and bacon as per the size of the eggs. Place the cheese slice and cooked bacon in between the boiled eggs. Season it with salt and pepper, and serve. 

The keto hard-boiled egg breakfast bites will be ready in just 10 minutes. Check out the full recipe to know the nitty-gritty of breakfast bites. Click here!

24. Mushroom, Spinach, And Egg Breakfast Skillet 

Are you ready to prepare a sunny side up with a twist? Grab your kitchen knives and prepare mushroom, spinach, and egg breakfast. This keto-fried breakfast is highly nutritious. Once you try the recipe, I am sure there is no going back.  

Cook the eggs however you like, firm, runny yolk, or scrambled. Merge the eggs with wilted spinach, garlicky mushrooms, and a little hearty seasoning. Cook everything together and serve warm. 

Read the entire recipe article with just one click. You will find an impressive list of equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions. 

25. Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs 

Are you on a keto diet? Try these keto breakfast fat bombs prepared with boiled eggs, cream cheese, minced green, and bacon. All of them cooked and put together will give a lip-smacking experience.

Put together egg, cream cheese, and green onions in a medium bowl. Roll out the mixture into small, firm balls. Dredge the balls in crumbled bacon. Cover the ball with the bacon and set it in the fridge.

Serve to enjoy the fat bombs once they are ready. Bon Appetit! Seek out the entire recipe with just one link. The full recipe will guide you through. 

26. Keto Scrambled Eggs With Avocado And Bacon 

Who doesn’t love eggs? That too with avocado and bacon? The keto scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon are easy, quick, and perfect for a delightful keto breakfast. Even if you are new to a keto diet, don’t sweat it. Preparing the keto breakfast meals is easier than you think. Try the recipes to see the magic yourself. 

The scrambled eggs are cooked and assembled with cooked crispy bacon and avocado. Season the bowl of hearty egg breakfast with salt and pepper. You are good to go!

Check out these healthy and nutritious keto scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon. The full recipe will help you with the right measurements and elements added. 

27. Baked Egg Avocado Boats

Make these delicious and creative baked egg avocado boats at home. They are healthy, nutritious, and ketogenic. Endeavor the recipe at your comfort home with the details mentioned below. 

Scoop the seed out of the avocado and fill the little pocket with eggs and cheddar cheese. Season the top with some salt and black pepper. Place the stuffed avocados in the oven and put them to bake for 20 minutes. 

The recipe for baked egg avocado boats is satiating that keeps your gut happy and clean. Try this heart-healthy baked egg avocado boat with the full recipe article. Just click.

28. Keto Avocado Toast 

Keto avocado toast is a perfect brunch staple. This keto avocado toast is easily customizable with nutritious elements. Fresh herbs, antipasto, and soft cheeses will enhance the flavors of keto avocado toast. 

Mix the avocado with lemon juice and some rich spices. Slather the avocado mixture on the toasted bread. Sprinkle some seasoning on the top and serve to enjoy. You can add some more toppings to the toast of your choice. 

Take some time out, refer to the complete recipe, and make the avocado toast differently. The recipe will guide you properly. Click to know more. 

29. Keto Spinach Frittata

This spinach frittata is a gorgeous keto breakfast recipe that looks impressive. Cook the frittata with sausage, bacon, or veggies; this frittata is equipped with magical flavors. Are you ready to try the divine treat? Scroll down. 

Keto spinach frittata is a keto gold breakfast. Fry the bacon and spinach until they are cooked and wilted. Meanwhile, merge the eggs and cream and put them in the baking dish. Top it up with cooked bacon and wilted spinach. 

Season it with salt and pepper, and serve warm! Enjoy warm and hearty spinach frittata at home. Peep into the full recipe article for spinach frittata with just one click. 

30. Keto Parfaits 

Parfaits are flavored custards prepared with whipped cream and frozen syrup. The word parfaits means perfect in French. This cold dessert made with a fruity coating is a decadent recipe. Make these keto parfaits ahead of time and serve instantly.  

Combine cream cheese, vanilla, and lemon zest in a blender until smooth. Add sour cream and heavy whipping cream on top and let it blend with cream cheese. Keep the mixture aside for an hour. No baked cheesecake parfaits will be ready. 

Pour the parfaits mixture into a glass, add crumbled cookies, and top it up with some fresh strawberries or any other berries of your choice. Tap here for the complete recipe for keto parfaits. 

31. Keto Shakshuka 

Keto shakshuka is a delicious and low-carb breakfast recipe to start your day. It is loaded with nutritious elements like zucchini, eggs, feta cheese, and rich spices. Make this authentic North-Africa shakshuka at home. 

Keto shakshuka is cooked with spicy and creamy tomato pepper sauce and some poached eggs. The Arabic meaning of shakshuka implies ‘all mixed up things. Generally, the mixture of eggs, tomatoes, onions, and spices is cooked with a delicious sauce. 

Make the sauce with the veggies and pour the egg to cook the Shakshuka in your kitchen. The keto Shakshuka recipe is right here!

32. Keto Pockets

Grab the on-the-go keto pockets breakfast recipe right in your kitchen. Hot and gluten-free keto pockets are filled with cheesy goodness that is soul-nourishing. Make these pockets ahead of time, store them, and serve when you wish to show them!

Get the keto pockets dough ready with almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, and salt. Roll out the dough and fill it with bacon, cheese, and scrambled eggs. Bake the keto pockets in the oven for about 25 minutes until golden brown. 

Enjoy the stuffed keto pockets and satiate your cheesy cravings. Follow the entire recipe with details by referring to the recipe link. Keep the cheesy goodness going all week long. 

33. Keto Crepes 

Crepes are extra-thin pancakes like food. Roll them, or fill them up. The choice is yours. These breakfast keto crepes are sugar-free and low-carb recipes prepared in no time. They are rich, sweet, and equipped with a coconut aroma. 

Authentic keto crepes are prepared with coconut flour, baking powder, salt, cream cheese, eggs, and oil. Combine wet and dry elements and mix until the batter is consistent. Pour the batter onto the griddle to prepare the crepes. 

When the crepes are ready, garnish them with strawberries or sugar-free maple syrup. Enjoy the keto crepes smeared with an assortment of toppings. Click for the full recipe. 

34. Keto Smoked Salmon Frittata 

Keto smoked salmon frittata is healthy and a low-carb dish. It is loaded with salmon, goat cheese, shallots, scallions, and herbs. This salmon frittata will be out of the oven in 35 minutes. Get the recipe ready instantly. 

Prepare the mixture by adding egg, cream, salt, and pepper. Simultaneously, saute onions, zucchini, spinach, and salmon with rich herbs and spices. Once it is cooked, pour the egg mixture on top of the salmon. 

Cook for 5 minutes and then put it in the oven. Bake for 20 minutes to achieve the perfect texture of frittata. Embellish the frittata with sour cream or any other toppings of your choice. 

Feel free to know the full recipe by clicking here!

35. Crispy Bacon 

Oven-baked crispy bacon

Preparing a piece of amazing and crispy bacon at home is like walking in the park. You can achieve crunchy goodness by baking the bacon in the oven. Make an instant breakfast by baking the bacon in no time.

The beautiful bacon will be ready, hanging out on the plate with no fuss and minimal effort. Just season the bacon and place it on a baking tray to bake. Put the baking tray in the oven and bake the bacon for 15 minutes. 

The crispy and succulent bacon will be ready. Serve with your favorite sauces. Don’t skip to check out the full keto breakfast recipe for crispy bacon. Click for the complete recipe. 

36. Breakfast Egg And Cheese Stuffed Peppers 

Breakfast egg and cheese stuffed peppers ticks all the diet boxes. This keto breakfast idea is a feast full of rich flavors. Prepare this healthy and jam-packed breakfast with cheesy stuffed peppers. 

Slice the bell peppers in half, remove the seeds, and trim down if necessary. Grease the peppers with some olive oil. Sprinkle some cheese, followed by eggs, salt, and pepper. Garnish it with some more cheese on the top. 

Place the peppers on the baking sheet to bake them in the oven until the eggs are cooked. Remove when cooked, and beautify the peppers with fresh parsley or chives. Serve to enjoy. 

37. Keto Green Smoothie With Avocado 

Healthy keto avocado smoothie

Are you rushing to work most of the mornings? If yes, then prepare the nutritious keto green smoothie with avocado. Generally, fruit smoothies get all the attention. However, if you wish to try something healthy, green smoothies are the way! 

Without any sugar spike, the keto green smoothie with avocado is prepared with just one blend. The creamy texture is the result of peanut butter added to the smoothie. On top of that, almond milk and avocado bring out a slightly zingy sharpness. 

Throw all the elements in a blender and immerse to achieve the perfect green smoothie. Find the detailed keto breakfast recipe here to seek the list of equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions. 

38. Mediterranean Omelet

Bring out Mediterranean flair to your keto breakfast recipes. With a quick and easy Mediterranean omelet, you will taste the fresh flavors. Once you make this omelet, I am sure you will keep coming back. Dive in to know more. 

The Mediterranean omelet comes together with plenty of veggies and protein. Crack the eggs in a skillet, and add spinach, cherry tomatoes, olives, and parsley on the top. Season it with salt and black pepper. 

Embellish the gypsy plate with crumbled feta cheese on top of the Mediterranean omelet and enjoy. If you wish to know some more details, just click. 

39. Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas 

Sheet pan breakfast fajitas are quite an easy and quick breakfast recipe to feed a large crowd. The pan of breakfast fajitas is full of colorful peppers and poached eggs. 

Add bell peppers to the baking sheet. Stir in olive oil, chili powder, lime juice, garlic, cumin, paprika, and onion powder. Gently toss and season it with salt and pepper. Bake the veggies in the oven for 10 minutes. 

Moving forward, crack two-three eggs in the baking dish. Place the baking dish in the oven and bake the fajitas for 15 minutes until the eggs are cooked through. Click to follow the complete keto breakfast recipe. 

40. Keto Croque Madame 

Elevate your keto breakfast ideas by preparing keto Croque madame. It is loaded with egg chaffle, ham, and cheesy goodness. Make an amazing keto Croque madame with keto-friendly sauce. Know the nitty-gritty below. 

First, prepare the chaffless by mixing cheese and eggs. Grease the waffle maker with oil or butter: Cook the chaffles and poached egg in a different pan. Meanwhile, prepare the bechamel sauce by heating heavy cream and parmesan cheese. 

Moving forward, begin to assemble the croque. Smother the sauce, then place the ham followed by grated cheese on top—Microwave the chaffles to melt the cheese and brown the bacon. Finally, top it up with a poached egg. Click to know more!

41. Keto Chicken Curry Bell-Pepper Sandwich 

The quick and dairy-free keto chicken curry bell pepper sandwich is amazingly delicious. It is creatively prepared with cooked chicken and some rich spices. Above that, the recipe for putting together this keto sandwich is a cherry pie. 

Prepare a cooked chicken mixture, mayonnaise, scallions, curry powder, salt, and black pepper. Slice the bell peppers, spoon the seeds, and fill them with the cooked chicken mixture. The keto chicken curry bell-pepper sandwich will be ready. 

Follow the full keto breakfast recipe to know the detailed list of ingredients, equipment, nutritional facts, and instructions. Just click!

42. Low Carb Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Scones 

Low-carb bacon cheddar jalapeno scones are the real deal when talking about keto breakfast ideas. Take your taste buds for an amazing ride with these flavorful keto scones. Follow some important pointers to make perfect scones. 

Merge coconut flour, almond flour, baking soda, cream of tartar and salt to taste. Whisk whipping cream with eggs, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese in a separate bowl. Mix all the wet and dry elements. Further, add some crumbled bacon and jalapenos. 

Put the mixture into the oven to bake until it is crisp and brown. The cheesy scones will taste even better. Check out the detailed keto breakfast recipe with just one click.

43. Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins 

Keto lemon poppy seed muffins are filled with sweet and tart flavors. These sugar-free, low-carb muffins taste heavenly and delightful. Anyone would make these flavorful muffins with love. 

Add eggs, fruit sweetener, heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, lemon zest, lemon extract, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt to a bowl. Mix everything and add melted butter, coconut flour, and poppy seeds. Prepare a dough with the mixture by fully incorporating the elements. 

Spoon out the dough into muffin liners and bake them until they are cooked through and golden brown. The lemon poppy seeds muffins will be ready to serve—Chow with your favorite toppings. The full keto breakfast recipe is right here!

44. Low-Carb Cranberry Orange Muffins

The low-carb cranberry orange muffins yield perfect flavors that taste decadent. If you wish to make nut-free muffins, you will love these cranberry orange muffins. Bake the muffins to perfection right in 50 minutes. 

Merge the elements to prepare the muffin batter. First, whip the cream cheese until it is creamy and fluffy. Then, add some eggs, sweetener, heavy cream, orange extract, cream of tartar, baking soda, vanilla extract, and salt.

Next, add melted butter and coconut flour. Combine everything until it is fully incorporated. Spoon out the batter into the muffin liners and bake for 25 minutes. When the muffins are ready, serve warm and fresh! Tap on the link to know the detailed recipe. 

45. 3 Ingredient Bacon And Egg Breakfast Muffins 

Are you also facing any challenges in preparing the keto breakfast while in a rush? Follow some tips and make a smart move. The 3 ingredient bacon and egg breakfast muffins are prepared in a snap. This recipe is filled with protein and rich flavors.

Begin to cook the bacon and then mix it with other elements. Whisk some eggs in a bowl, and add bacon, green onions, salt, and pepper to taste. Mix until it is well combined. Pour the mixture into the muffin tin. 

Bake the muffins until they are fluffy and soft. Make these muffins anytime in just 20 minutes. They are one of the great options for keto breakfast recipes. Refer to the recipe article for some more tips and tricks. 

46. Keto Cinnamon Dolce Latte 

Want to pair the beverages with the breakfast but worried it’s not keto-friendly? Try Keto cinnamon dolce latte. It is rich, creamy, and delicious. Put together the flavorful latte in the comfort of your home. 

Whip up the heavy cream with a few teaspoons of sweetener. Chill the cream for 30 minutes. Then, add the remaining heavy cream, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and sweetener to a bowl. Whisk until combined. Microwave the mixture until the bubbles are formed. 

Take a saucepan and stir in a teaspoon of espresso powder in boiling hot water. Pour the microwaved mixture into the saucepan and mix it well. The dolce latte will be ready. Pour the coffee into the coffee mugs. 

Top it up with chilled whipped cream and sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon. Wish to know more details about the recipe, right-click!

47. Flourless Pumpkin Spice Pancakes 

Want some flourless pumpkin spice pancakes to start the morning? The pancakes are appetizing and easy to put together. Don’t believe it? Trust the process, and taste the magical flavors right away!

Flourless pumpkin spice pancakes are packed with high protein and rich fiber. Beat the eggs until the mixture is bubbly. Then, add vanilla extract, sweetener, cinnamon, cream of tartar, nutmeg, ground ginger, ground cloves, ground all spices, and salt to taste, 

Merge the mixture with an electric mixer. Then, add psyllium husk and mix again. Grease the pan with cooking spray and spoon out the mixture with a serving spoon. Bake the pancakes on both sides. Serve with your favorite toppings, and enjoy. Click for the details. 

48. Low Carb Granola Bars 

Low carb granola bars are versatile and a perfectly keto breakfast. These granola bars are gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and vegetarian. Make your keto breakfast recipe enticing and flavorful with the rich granola bars. 

Begin to roast pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes. Mix it with melted butter, sweetener, and coconut oil. Fold the mixture evenly and spread it out into the baking tray greased with butter. Press the mixture with a rubber spatula and place them in the oven.

Bake for 10 minutes, and then let it sit in the fridge to firm up the texture. Slice the bars and enjoy. You can also prepare these granola bars and store them for up to a week. Dive in to know the full recipe. 

49. Cheesy Broccoli Breakfast Muffins 

The idea of having cheesy broccoli breakfast muffins is satiating and fulfilling. Munch on these delectable muffins right away. Want to know how the broccoli muffins can be prepared? Keep reading for the tips. 

The elements added to prepare the broccoli muffins to help boost your metabolism and improve heart health. So, don’t refrain from cooking these hearty and healthy muffins. 

Add almond flour, almond milk, broccoli florets, ghee, eggs, nutritional yeast, baking powder, and sea salt to a bowl. Stir in the mixture until well combined. Spoon out the batter into the muffin tin. Bake the muffins for 30 minutes and enjoy. Seek out the complete recipe here.

50. Breakfast BLT Salad 

Breakfast BLT salad is rich and highly nutritious. Loaded with avocado, tomatoes, eggs, bacon, and kale, this salad comes together easily and quickly. Amp up your keto breakfast ideas with BLT salad right in your kitchen. 

Breakfast BLT salad makes your mornings joyful. Chop the avocados, cooked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers. Toss all the elements in a bowl. Grate the boiled egg over the top of all the greens. At last, drizzle a teaspoon of salad dressing and enjoy the salad. 

Try making a traditional breakfast BLT salad at home. Share your cooking experience with us in the comments below. Click for the full recipe. 

 Important Points To Consider While These Keto Ideas 

A pro tip is not to miss anything while considering a ketogenic diet. There are some factors that everyone should consider while adapting to these keto-friendly ideas. 

  • If you are diabetic positive and highly dependent on insulin, you should refer to a doctor before adding the keto diet to your routine. Diabetic patients can face ketoacidosis if they try a ketogenic diet. Ketoacidosis breaks down the fat fast, which leads to life-threatening problems.
  • Generally, breastfeeding mothers require more calories and a healthy diet. A ketogenic diet with low carbs can trigger the health condition of breastfeeding mothers to an extent. 
  • A low-carb diet can affect your blood pressure significantly. Before following any ketogenic diet, consult a doctor to know the risks and benefits.


The keto breakfast ideas mentioned in the article above will help you to commence a perfect ketogenic diet. You can choose your favorite recipes from these breakfast recipes with the right portions. Without any further ado, add these low-carb recipes to your culinary list. Share the recipes with your family and loved ones. Don’t forget to share your cooking experience with us in the comment section below. 

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50 Keto Breakfast Ideas

50 Keto breakfast recipe ideas are full of recipes that will help you to prepare a strict ketogenic diet. These keto recipe ideas will help you to incorporate the right portions into your diet. Try some of the amazing and east recipes of your choice.

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  • low-carb chocolate chip banana bread muffins 
  •  Almond flour pancake 
  • collagen keto bread
  • keto bagels
  • Cauliflower bread with crispy bacon, poached eggs, and avocado
  • keto eggs benedict
  • breakfast buddha bowl
  • Keto bacon zucchini breakfast hash.
  • Keto pancake cereal
  • Fluffy Keto Pancakes With ricotta And pecans
  • extra-crisp cinnamon toast crunch cereal 
  • chocolate coconut keto smoothie bowl 
  • turmeric keto smoothie
  • keto-iced coffee protein shake
  • Bulletproof coffee
  • keto iced Matcha latte
  • bulletproof coffee egg latte
  • Keto egg casserole bake 
  • Keto chaffle breakfast sandwich 
  • keto oatmeal
  • Keto blueberry muffins
  • Keto hard-boiled egg breakfast bites 
  • Mushroom, Spinach, And Egg Breakfast Skillet
  • keto breakfast fat bombs
  • keto scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon
  • baked egg avocado boats
  • Keto avocado toast
  • Keto spinach frittata
  • keto parfaits
  • Keto shakshuka
  • keto pockets
  • keto crepes
  • Keto smoked salmon frittata
  • crispy bacon
  • Breakfast egg and cheese stuffed peppers
  • keto green smoothie with avocado
  • Mediterranean omelet
  •  Keto Croque Madame
  • keto chicken curry bell pepper sandwich
  • Low-carb bacon cheddar jalapeno scones
  • Keto lemon poppy seed muffins
  • low-carb cranberry orange muffins
  • 3 ingredient bacon And egg breakfast Muffins
  • Keto cinnamon dolce latte
  • flourless pumpkin spice pancakes
  • Low carb granola bars 
  • cheesy broccoli breakfast muffins
  • Breakfast BLT salad
  • Choose some of your favorite best keto breakfast recipe ideas
  • Click on the link, it will direct you to the recipe article.
  • Make these keto recipes at home with the detailed recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a quick breakfast in keto?

The quick keto breakfast includes egg dishes like frittatas, quiches, egg muffins, and omelets. All these dishes make great low carb breakfast ideas and can be easily customized with your favorite meats.

Can you eat oatmeal on keto?

Yes, you can have oatmeal on keto. It is one of the important component in the keto diet.

Are eggs a good keto breakfast?

Eggs are truly excellent keto-friendly goods. One egg has only 0.3-0.7 grams of carbs depending on its size, but 5 to 12 grams of fat and 4 to 9 grams of protein.

How many eggs can I eat for breakfast on keto?

If you are on a keto diet, you can have as many eggs you wish to have.

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