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    10 Best Greek Yogurt Substitutes That You Can Try

    10 Best Greek Yogurt Substitutes That You Can Try

    Whether we talk about savory food or desserts, Greek yogurt is a staple in many recipes. It is a vital ingredient in many home-based and restaurant-style recipes. This vital ingredient is nutrient-rich and provides depth. So, let us talk about the best greek yogurt substitutes today!

    I am sure Greek yogurt might be an essential ingredient in many of your recipes too. But, have you had issues like other people in your house not liking its sour taste? Then, definitely do consider using a substitute! This article has all the best substitutes for Greek yogurt. 

    Now you probably must be wondering, what can be used as an alternative for Greek yogurt? The best Greek yogurt substitutes that work in most recipes are sour cream, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, buttermilk, cream cheese, coconut cream, and mayonnaise. 

    Although, I do believe that I should tell you a little more about Greek yogurt before we discover the substitutes for the same. This way, you will understand the ingredient better, and it will also be easier for you to pick the substitute that works best for you. 

    What’s In The Post

    Quick Peek: Greek Yogurt

    This section is basically Greek yogurt 101. You will understand how this ingredient came to be, its flavor and texture, profile, uses, and also all about its nutritional information. So, let’s get started!

    What Is Greek Yogurt?

    Greek yogurt is essentially plain yogurt that has been strained to remove most of its whey. Also known by the names strained yogurt, yogurt cheese, sack yogurt, and kerned yogurt, this yogurt has a much thicker consistency than plain yogurt. 

    This is because of the removal of the whey. Greek yogurt is made exactly like plain yogurt, with a starter culture. Here, the lactose in the milk is converted into lactic acid to form the yogurt. 

    The consistency of Greek yogurt must remain thick, and hence it requires more milk for production. This is also the reason why Greek yogurt is more expensive than plain yogurt. Greek yogurt also has many variations around the world. 

    Though Greek yogurt is generally high in fat content as it requires whole milk for production, there are low fat and nonfat variations of it available in many parts of the world. Certain places use thickeners like guar gum and pectin to make the yogurt thicker. 

    Describing Greek Yogurt: Flavor And Texture

    The texture of Greek yogurt is thicker than that of plain yogurt. The texture of greek yogurt is often compared with that of sour cream. Plain yogurt generally has a more runny consistency, whereas Greek yogurt is comparatively solid. 

    As we talk about the flavor of Greek yogurt, it has a tart and sour taste as compared to plain yogurt. Plain yogurt also carries a slightly sour taste. However, the flavor of Greek yogurt is more tart as it is more concentrated than plain yogurt. 

    Uses Of Greek Yogurt

    As I mentioned earlier, Greek yogurt is an extremely versatile ingredient, both in the hot kitchen and in baking. It is used in almost every part of the world to add a creamy texture and depth to various recipes. 

    In baking, Greek yogurt helps combine all the ingredients together and gives the product a structure. It is often used as a substitute for eggs in baking for vegetarian recipes. When it comes to savory cooking, there are various ways Greek yogurt can be used. 

    You can add Greek yogurt to curries and use it for marinating various kinds of meats, along with a mix of spices. On top of that, it can also be used as a healthy alternative for cream in soups or pasta dishes. 

    Greek yogurt also makes a great dipping sauce to serve with snacks. Moreover, Greek yogurt can also be used in smoothies and in healthy breakfast bowls.

    These are, however, just some uses of Greek yogurt. It can be used in many more recipes other than the ones mentioned above!

    Greek Yogurt On The Health Radar | Looking Through The Wellness Telescope

    Now, let me tell you all about the nutritional values of Greek yogurt. As Greek yogurt is made with more milk to give it a thicker structure, it has a higher fat content as compared to plain yogurt. But, low-fat and nonfat variations are also available in the market. 

    Greek yogurt has comparatively higher protein content than plain yogurt and is extremely rich in various vital nutrients. Some of these nutrients include vitamins A, B2, B5, and B12, along with minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. 

    Greek yogurt is also rich in probiotics. As it is so nutritionally dense, Greek yogurt has a lot of health benefits. Some of these benefits include improving bone and gut health, boosting metabolism, and also lowering blood pressure. 

    Why Use A Substitute For Greek Yogurt?

    I think you probably must have wondered by now as to why you would even want to use a substitute for such a versatile ingredient. That is a very valid point, for sure. However, there are a few reasons why you can consider using a substitute for Greek yogurt. 

    To start off, Greek yogurt is quite expensive. If you are planning to live on a budget, Greek yogurt might not be the first choice for you. But, if your recipe does call for Greek yogurt, you don’t need to make adjustments to your budget. 

    You can simply use a substitute for the same! A lot of the substitute options given in this article work the same way as Greek yogurt and are, in fact, extremely budget-friendly. Other than that, Greek yogurt does have a sour taste that might not be to everyone’s liking. 

    Again, in this case, if you want to please everyone’s palate, you can easily use a substitute for Greek yogurt that has a milder taste. Then, there is also a matter of convenience. If you are just out of Greek yogurt, you can use a substitute that is already present in your pantry!

    I have rambled enough about Greek yogurt now, haven’t I? Okay, so now, without further ado, I am going to take you to the main attraction of this article, the best Greek yogurt substitutes!

    10 Best Greek Yogurt Substitutes

    This section has all the best substitutes you can use in place of Greek yogurt. You will also get to know what recipes the substitutes work best in and the ratio of substitution for each substitute. So, let’s get started!

    1. Plain Yogurt

    Greek yogurt is actually made by straining plain yogurt. Plain yogurt comparatively has a less tangy taste and has similar properties like Greek yogurt. This makes it a good substitute for Greek yogurt. 

    Plain yogurt works as a substitute for Greek yogurt in both baking and cooking. Plain yogurt is a great option for you if you don’t desire a tangy flavor in your food. Moreover, in sauces, plain yogurt would work really well due to its thin consistency. 

    Because of its thin consistency, you wouldn’t have to adjust the quantities of other liquids in your recipes. However, in any cooked recipe, make sure you add plain yogurt in the end as very high temperatures can cause it to split. 

    As far as baking is concerned, try using full-fat plain yogurt as a substitute for Greek yogurt. In case the consistency is thin, you can strain the yogurt yourself with the help of cheesecloth. In any recipe, you can follow a 1:1 ratio for substitution. 

    2. Sour Cream

    Sour cream has a very similar texture to that of Greek yogurt. Moreover, it also has a tangy and sour taste which is somewhat similar to that of Greek yogurt. Hence, it can be used as a substitute for the same in various recipes. 

    Sour cream is again a great substitute for both baking and cooking. A lot of people might not associate sour cream with baking is a versatile ingredient in the baking world too!

    Sour cream provides a lot of moisture to baked goods and also gives them a great structure by combining all the ingredients together. When it comes to savory recipes, sour cream can be added to give a rich and creamy texture to the particular dish. 

    Moreover, sour cream is also a great ingredient to make your dips with, in place of Greek yogurt. Full fat sour cream has a higher fat content than Greek yogurt, but it will also make your products richer. Follow a 1:1 ratio for substitution. 

    3. Silken Tofu

    Silken tofu, unlike other varieties of tofu, has a much smoother texture. Once blended, silken tofu has a very creamy consistency that works well as a substitute for Greek yogurt in various recipes. 

    Silken tofu is a great option for a substitute for Greek yogurt, especially for those that need a dairy-free alternative. You can use blended silken tofu as an alternative, mostly in savory recipes, as opposed to desserts. 

    This is because silken tofu might not give the same structure and moisture as Greek yogurt does. But, it can be made into dips and added to dishes to give them a creamy texture. 

    Silken tofu, however, does have a very neutral flavor. So, if you want the tang of Greek yogurt in your recipe, you will have to blend the silken tofu with some lemon juice. Use it as a substitute for Greek yogurt in a 1:1 ratio. 

    4. Cottage Cheese

    Cottage cheese has a similar fat content to that of Greek yogurt and is extremely rich in various vital nutrients. Though different in texture, cottage cheese can be used as a greek yogurt substitute in cooking and baking. 

    Cottage cheese generally has a chunky texture as it consists of small cheese curds. In recipes where the texture of cottage cheese does not really make a difference, you can use the cheese curds as they are.

    In baked recipes, however, you will have to blend the cottage cheese with some milk to give it a smoother consistency. Cottage cheese also does not have a tangy flavor like that of Greek yogurt. 

    So, this definitely may be a blessing in disguise for many, especially those who are particularly trying to avoid the tangy flavor of Greek yogurt. You can use cottage cheese as a substitute for Greek yogurt in a 1:1 ratio. 

    5. Cream Cheese

    Cream cheese has a tangy flavor and a very thick consistency. It is also extremely creamy and adds a lot of flavor to various recipes. Hence, it can be used as a substitute for Greek yogurt. 

    Cream cheese is generally not an ideal substitute option when it comes to baked recipes. Cream cheese does not have the same properties as Greek yogurt and will leave a cheesy flavor in your cakes or any other baked good. 

    However, for cooked recipes, cream cheese can be an ideal substitute. It can be used in place of Greek yogurt in making dips and sauces. The consistency might be a bit too thick if kept in the refrigerator. 

    But, if you let the cream cheese stay at room temperature, it will end up having the same smooth and creamy texture as Greek yogurt. You can use it as a substitute for Greek yogurt in a 1:1 ratio. 

    6. Buttermilk

    Buttermilk is the liquid left over after the churning process of butter is done. It is very acidic in taste and adds a lot of moisture to many recipes, making it a good Greek yogurt substitute. 

    Buttermilk is an especially great substitute for baked recipes. It has acidity which helps the reaction of baking soda which eventually helps baked goods rise evenly. Moreover, it also provides a lot of moisture to baked goods. 

    Buttermilk can be added in sauces or other cooked recipes too, however, it will not provide the creamy consistency that you get with Greek yogurt. The one downside of buttermilk is that it is extremely thin. 

    So, while using it as a substitute for Greek yogurt in baking, you will have to adjust the quantity and use a lesser amount. As otherwise, the batter would become too runny. Use ¾ cup of buttermilk for every 1 cup of Greek yogurt as a substitute. 

    7. Coconut Cream

    Coconut cream has a thick consistency, similar to that of Greek yogurt. It can be used as a substitute in various recipes as it will provide the same amount of moisture as Greek yogurt does. 

    Coconut cream is another great option if you are looking for a dairy free alternative for Greek yogurt. The one thing to remember while using coconut cream is that it has a distinct taste of coconuts which will definitely reflect in your final product. 

    So, if the taste of coconut is not really what you are looking for, you should definitely avoid using this option. Moreover, coconut cream is also very high in fat content, even higher than Greek yogurt, actually. 

    However, if these things are not a bother for you, you can use coconut cream in both savory and sweet recipes. Generally, following a 1:1 ratio for substitution works well while using coconut cream. 

    8. Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise has a thick consistency and a creamy texture, as it is made with egg yolks and oil. It can be used as a substitute for Greek yogurt in savory recipes for sure, but you can also use it in baking!

    Mayonnaise in baking? Sounds very unconventional, right?! But trust me, it actually works! Mayonnaise actually provides a very good crumb and moist texture to most baked products. 

    Moreover, mayonnaise is very versatile when it comes to savory cooking. You can use it to make dips, add it to salad dressings and also coat various meats with it, just before cooking them. 

    It will not have a tangy flavor like Greek yogurt, however, it still provides a distinct flavor to your food. You can use mayonnaise as a substitute for Greek yogurt in both savory and sweet recipes in a 1:1 ratio. 

    9. Mashed Banana

    Bananas provide a lot of moisture to most baked goods. They are different in consistency as compared to Greek yogurt, however, in baked recipes, mashed bananas work really well as a substitute for Greek yogurt. 

    Bananas are definitely not an option for a substitute for savory recipes, as they are naturally sweet. However, in any baked recipe, bananas will provide the exact same amount of moisture as Greek yogurt does. 

    Moreover, bananas are also a great pick as a substitute if you are looking for healthier options in place of Greek yogurt. They have a natural sweet taste to them. So, along with reducing the quantity of fat in your recipe, you can also reduce the amount of sugar. 

    Generally, ripe bananas work well in baking cakes. However, for recipes like banana bread, try using overripe bananas as they will give the best result. Use them as a Greek yogurt substitute in a 1:1 ratio. 

    10. Avocados

    Avocados have a buttery and creamy texture. Moreover, they are packed with healthy fats and various other vital nutrients, quite similar to Greek yogurt. They can be used as a substitute for the same in various recipes. 

    Avocados are also a great option if you are looking to avoid dairy. They work well in savory recipes for sure, but also work wonders in certain dessert recipes such as chocolate mousse. 

    They can be used to make dips or smashed and added to other recipes to give them flavor and texture. Avocados, however, do not have the tangy taste that Greek yogurt does. This can easily be corrected with the addition of some lemon juice. 

    Avocados are also a great option for a substitute in healthy breakfast bowls and can be added to smoothies, in place of Greek yogurt. Use them as a substitute following a standard 1:1 ratio. 

    Short Recap For Best Greek Yogurt Substitutes

    I am sure that by now you must have gone through all the substitute options you can use in place of Greek yogurt. However, I think some of you might still be a little confused about which substitute would work best. So, I have broken it down to make it easier. 

    Most Suitable: Plain yogurt is the most suitable substitute for Greek yogurt. 

    Easily Available: Plain yogurt, sour cream, bananas, mayonnaise and avocados are the most easily available Greek yogurt substitutes. 

    Best Flavor Profile: Sour cream will provide the best flavor when used as an alternative for Greek yogurt. 

    Final Word

    I hope this article has helped you find the best substitute for Greek yogurt after going through the entire article. All the substitute options given above are worthy alternatives for Greek yogurt and will work well in savory and sweet recipes. 

    While not all substitutes will work in every recipe, most substitutes do. So, going by the description of each substitute, you can pick the one that works best for your recipe, whether savory or sweet. 

    My favorite? Just go for plain yogurt! It will work well in both sweet and savory recipes and will work wonders. Plus, in case you want a consistency similar to Greek yogurt, all you need to do is strain the yogurt! 

    But, that is just my lookout. You can obviously pick the flavor and texture profile that works best for you and I am sure you will cook or bake up a storm!

    How To Substitute Greek Yogurt

    Greek Yogurt Substitutes

    Here is how you can substitute the above mentioned ingredients for Greek yogurt.

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    • Plain Yogurt
    • Sour Cream
    • Silken Tofu
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Cream Cheese
    • Buttermilk
    • Coconut Cream
    • Mayonnaise
    • Mashed Bananas
    • Avocado
    • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
    • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
    • Use the substitute in the required amount and proceed to make the dish according to the recipe.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is Greek yogurt made of?

    Greek yogurt is made of cultured and fermented milk, similar to plain yogurt.

    Can I eat Greek yogurt everyday?

    Yes, Greek yogurt can be eaten everyday, in moderate amounts.

    Is Greek yogurt good for health?

    Yes, Greek yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein.

    Is Greek yogurt good for weight loss?

    If eaten in moderation, Greek yogurt can help with weight loss.

    Is Greek yogurt as nutritious as milk?

    Milk is extremely nutritious for sure, however, Greek yogurt is actually more nutritious than milk.

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